Eligibility Guidelines

This home will be your primary residence.

The apartment cannot be purchased for the purpose of airbnb, subletting, vacation home, etc.

You currently do not own property

If you previously owned property, the property must be sold prior to application. Income and asset limits still apply.

If your household income is not above the maximum income for your household size.

See  AMI chart for details. below.

You are a household size between 1 to 4 persons.

The available units are 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. A 1-person household is only eligible for a 1 bedroom unit.

You have 10% of the purchase price

You have 10% of the purchase price available ($44,036.10 - $50,878.60) for a down payment and an additional $20,000-23,000 for closing costs. (Half of the required 10% down payment may be a gift.)

Download Application

Apply on-line. Download this application and submit with the required documents to parkadon@housingpartnership.com

70West139 Application 3.26.2020 (pdf)